Wednesday, December 17, 2008

fun throwing shoe to bush

p/s: penat baling sampai 100 kali

Thursday, December 11, 2008

halal dan haram bersatu?

p/s: berasmara plak dier.... :P

kecik kecik dah pandai

p/s... kecik kecik dah pandai...hmm....zaman sekarang..

Sunday, November 30, 2008

menu spesel..... jom makan

p/s: seram plak nak makan doraemon nih....

Friday, November 28, 2008


P/S: nak kene beli byk kasut la plak...tapi yg best..tak pancit

Bench Plays Music via Bluetooth

Boom Bench Plays Music via Bluetooth

The Boom Bench in a way is a super-sized Docking Station. Connect your player to the amplifier and take control. Now you can play your music with 95 dB high quality sound. A Bass Shaker in the seat transforms the deep sounds into vibrations that enhance the physical sensation of your tunes.

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 2

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 3

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 4

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 5

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 6

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 7

Boombench Plays Music via Bluetooth 8

p/s: menarik..tapi lau kat mesia...sah speaker yg ilang dulu

Thursday, November 20, 2008



Sunday, October 26, 2008

some live like this?

this is a girl resident who had an outstanding balance for over a month and no one could get ahold of her. The Bookkeeper went inside after so many tries to leave a note and this is what they found:

great camouflage

Green frog

A Green frog emerging from the duckweeds in St Omer, France

Enlarge Mimic Octopus

A Mimic Octopus blends into the sand off the coast of the Maldives

Enlarge Harlequin Crab

A Harlequin Crab blends in seamlessly as it stands on a sea cucumber in Indonesia

Enlarge Pacific spotted scorpionfish

A Pacific spotted scorpionfish off Malpelo, in the Pacific Ocean

Enlarge Grizzly bear

A Grizzly bear hides in the snow-covered bushes of North America

Marine crocodile

A young Marine crocodile hides under a water lily in Australia

Malaysian orchid mantis

A Malaysian orchid mantis blends perfectly with a flower

Enlarge Locust
Grey Cicada

A Grey Cicada hides on pine bark in France

Enlarge Rock Ptarmigan

A Rock Ptarmigan chick in its nest in Norway

Enlarge Crab spider

A Crab spider hides on a Geranium flower in France

Pale-throated three-toed sloth

A Pale-throated three-toed sloth climbs a tree trunk is Costa Rica

Enlarge Merlet's Scorpionfish

Merlet's Scorpionfish look like colourful coral around the shores of Lifou Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

made in mana?

.... made in malaysia....huhuhu...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to reptile therapy - the slithery snake massage designed to help you relax

It's a massage that is sure to make most people's skin crawl, but one woman has got herself in a twist with her latest massage technique.

Ara Barak claims her pet snakes make the ideal masseurs as their slithering causes a massage sensation when placed on a person's skin.

Ms Barak said she discovered her pet's 'therapeutic value' after noticing her friends became more relaxed after holding them.

Snake massage

Meirav Stardinner receives a snake massage from Ada Barak who says her pets are high in 'therapeutic value'

'Some people said that holding the snakes made them feel better, relaxed,' she said.

'One old lady said it was soothing, like a cold compress.'

The owner of Israel's Barak's Snake Spa said her pets are able to give massage as their slithering causes a rubbing sensation on the body.

Ms Barak had relied on exhibiting her scaly friends to make money, but found there is more cash rolling in from people wanting a massage - reptile therapy style.

Snake massage

Smaller snakes are used for lighter massage on areas such as the face while bigger ones are used to give deep tissue therapy

The larger snakes are used for deep massage while the smaller creatures are used to give a lighter touch - all for a mere £30.

And those with a slight reluctance to have a snake massage will be pleased to know the reptiles are all non-venamous.

But if the thought of reptiles is too much, Ms Barak also offers a rodent-style massage where mouse and rats are placed on the bottom of people's feet instead.

Snake massage

People are queuing up to try the unconventional massage technique